The Marketing Power Hour Empowering Good Brands to be Great

the marketing power hour

empowering good brands

to be great.

I'm On a Mission... empower good brands to grow sustainably

- people, planet and profit.

Claire Benson The Marketing Power Hour

Do you want to use the power of your brand to create a better world?

Customers are increasingly making buying decisions based on what brands are saying and doing in the social impact space.

But "to maintain public trust, companies can’t just pick and choose when they lean on purpose." Deloitte

The Solution

The Marketing Power Hour is leading the charge by helping businesses embed purpose throughout their organisations with a fresh, authentic approach. 

Empowering organisations to be brave, creative and innovative, The Marketing Power Hour is a unique marketing and communications partner that thinks outside the box to help your organisation develop and grow.

As a marketing coach & communications strategist,
I empower SMEs in three ways:

  1. Director-level, Power Hour marketing & communications strategy sessions, to keep leaders focused and on track,

  2. Power Workshops to show teams how to brand, market and communicate with purpose,

  3. Power Projects, short pieces of work to help organisations embed a purpose-led brand, marketing or communications project.

The Marketing Power Hour is also co-founder of SDG Changemakers with Thinking Philanthropy. Our purpose is to help SMEs understand the Sustainable Development Goals to build a sustainable business for the future.

The Power Options

Marketing and Communications Workshops with the Marketing Power Hour

2. the Power Workshops

The Marketing Power Hour workshops are designed to show you HOW to develop purpose-led brand, marketing & communications strategies which grow your business while helping to influence social change. Aligned to your key business goals, the bespoke workshops will focus you and your team on developing strategies and implementing tactics which are ethical, purpose-led and authentic.

Director of Marketing and Communications available for project work

3. Power Projects

Power Projects are designed to help SMEs and charities with specific projects.

The projects may involve creating an external team to deliver a time-bound piece of work, or it may involve helping your team get on track with their strategies such as embedding sustainable practices across the organisation to minimise reputational risk, ensuring your brand is able to authentically communicate with purpose.

What People Say about The Marketing Power Hour

what people say...

The Power Workshops
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Finding out about your business is the first stage of the coaching power session, we will have a chat and I will ask you to complete a series of questions.



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The Power Workshops are interactive and designed to get you to think outside the box, with purpose and always with digital in mind.




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There will be homework from the Power Workshops. The reviews are designed to ensure you are on track, formulating and implementing your strategies



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