Image by Joel Muniz

How do the Power Workshops work?

The purpose of The Marketing Power Hour is to help ethically minded businesses and charities take charge of their branding, marketing and communications strategy.


The Power Workshops ensure directors and managers follow a strategic approach, understanding the business environment and defining their objectives before they engage in marketing and communications tactics.

When working with The Marketing Power Hour, we follow a three-step process, starting with the Discovery Phase, and concluding with a set of Reviews to make sure you are on track.

Each Power Workshop covers a different subject depending on your business or charity need. The sessions are bespoke to your organisation and include a set of workbooks to help your team collaborate and achieve the workshop's purpose.

What are the Power Workshop subjects?

  • Build a brand based on strategy, not just looks!

  • Meeting the needs of today's customers, re-aligning strategy and goals

  • Applying theory to practice, creating the marketing and communications strategy

  • Deep Dive into Brand & Employee Engagement and Well-being

  • Learn how to tell powerful brand stories

  • Empowering Charities

During the workshops we really encourage you to be brave, creative and innovative, as I introduce purpose-led communication, ethical marketing practices and the sustainable development goals.

The Marketing Power Hour Power Workshops are delivered over Zoom and can be 1:1 or include your core management team.

If you want to increase your brand, communications and marketing knowledge and take your business or charity to the next level, get in touch with The Marketing Power Hour.