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Who are the Power Workshops for?

The Marketing Power Hour coaching Power Workshops have been specifically created for directors and managers of SMEs and charities who want to understand the strategic role purpose-led branding, marketing and communications can play in developing their business. Increasingly organisations are being asked for evidence around their environmental, social and governance strategies, while customers want to buy from ethically focused organisations who are standing up for social justice and the environment. These workshops will help you think about your commitment to making the world a better place.

How do The Power Workshops work?

The workshops are interactive and can involve up to six people. Each workshop is bespoke to your own organisation and delivered over Zoom. You will be asked to complete a Discovery Phase and there will be some 'homework' to be reviewed in the subsequent review sessions. Each coaching Power Workshop follows a practical step by step process to empower you and your team. We also explore digital transformation, what environmental, social and governance reporting means and how this relates to the sustainable development goals / global goals.

What are the Power Workshops designed to do?

The workshops are designed to:

  • demystify branding, marketing & communications strategies,

  • show you how to create effective strategies which align with your business goals and are purpose-led,

  • show you how to decide upon the right tactics and channels to achieve the strategies.

  • show you how to measure and evaluative your strategies and impact reporting.

Why should I signup for a workshop through The Marketing Power Hour?

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered PR practitioner, I ensure the workshops are designed around best practice and reflect current thinking.


Over my 20+ years in marketing and communications, I have delivered in-house training for employers, clients and workshops and coaching for business growth organisations such as The Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Digital Tech Cumbria and Hawke's Bay Tourism. 

What do I do next?

To help you determine the right Power Workshop for your organisation, check out the options below and then book a no-obligation Discovery Call to discuss your needs. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

The Marketing Power Hour - a purpose-led marketing and communications partner for your business or charity.

  • Build a brand based on strategy, not just looks!

    This power session is designed to get your brand on track. Before you can think about the look and feel of your logo or website, you need to think about the strategy, how you position your business or charity, and how you want to be perceived by your potential customers. This workshop helps you explore the key points of a brand strategy, and is designed to provoke thinking, conversation and a road map.

    Duration 3 hours, plus two review sessions

  • Meeting the needs of today's customers, re-aligning strategy and goals

    This power session is for leaders who realise today's customers want to see businesses be a force for good, helping to create a better world. Following a 10 Step process, we work together to ensure your marketing and communication strategy is driven by purpose and aligns with your organisation's key goals. From value chain mapping to internal and external buy-in, this workshop is essential for today's forward-thinking brands.

    Duration 4 hours, plus two review sessions

  • Applying theory to practice, creating the marketing and communications strategy

    You know where you want to go, but you are not sure how to get there. Strategic planning is essential to ensure your organisation can grow sustainably, change behaviour or make an impact.

    In the Discovery Phase, you will detail the problem and in this workshop, we will help you and your team define the solution.

    Duration 4 hours, plus two review sessions

  • Deep dive into brand & employee engagement and well-being

    Employees are at the heart of every organisation, they can make or break a brand. This Power Session draws on internal communication fundamentals and Employer Branding to help you understand and improve Employer Brand equity to attract and retain staff and ensure employee wellbeing. 

    Duration 3 hours, plus two review sessions

  • Learn how to tell powerful brand stories

    Telling your story and being heard has never been easier. The digital world we live in allows us to communicate with millions of people at the touch of a button. This power session shows you HOW to find compelling stories in your enterprise and HOW to get journalists, bloggers and customers interested in helping you reach more client and customers.

    Duration 2 hours, plus two review sessions

  • Empowering Charities

    This in-depth Power Workshop, spread over three sessions, is designed to empower charities, springboarding them to their next stage of development. Covering governance, strategy, communications and funding, this workshop and recommendation report will provide community-led charities with a road map to become sustainable and grow, helping more people in need.

    Duration  3 x 2 hours, plus Board recommendation report

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