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What is The Power Hour?

The Power Hour is a 1:1 branding, marketing or communications strategic session over Zoom or Teams. The Power Hour is aimed at directors, managers and business owners who want independent advice from an experienced director-level marketer and communications professional. 

How much does The Power Hour cost?

With over 20+ years in marketing and communications, we are determined that professional advice should be accessible to all businesses and charities. We firmly believe that marketing and communication advice should be appropriately costed to represent knowledge and experience. We employ a flat rate structure (ie all businesses and charities of whatever size pay the same), with The Power Hour sessions valued at £150. This fee reflects our low overheads, but extensive knowledge and expertise. 

What could The Power Hour strategy session cover?

  • Strategic input to implement authentic, purpose-led communication campaigns,

  • Review of your current Brand Strategy & Identity,

  • Guidance and sense checking of your overall Marketing and Communications Strategy,

  • Review of your tactical digital marketing activities,

  • Strategic input into your internal communications plan,

  • Strategic planning to launch a new product or service,

  • Review of your Employer Brand and employee engagement programme,

  • Mapping the Sustainable Development Goals to an organisation's value chain.


How does The Power Hour session work?

Delivered over Zoom or Teams, The Power Hour session can be a one-off or a series of discussions. Once we have booked your session, I will ask you to complete a Discovery Phase highlighting your key issue or concern. During the session, we will aim to create a road map with a viable solution for you to implement.

How do I book a session?

You can book a 30min Discovery Phase Call to talk about your needs, and find out if The Power Hour is right for you, or you can go straight ahead and book a Power Hour Strategy Session through the link below.

Access affordable director-level brand, marketing and communications advice.

With a no-nonsense approach and a desire to empower, The Marketing Power Hour is your perfect strategic partner.